Can You Tell Strain By Seed? Here’s What I Think

So you’ve got some marijuana seeds but you’re not sure what strain they go with. Can you tell the strain of your weed by just looking at the seeds?

You can’t tell the strain of a marijuana plant simply by looking at the seeds. You need to know the specific plant the seeds came from to have an idea of what they will grow into. This is why it’s so important to get your seeds from a reputable seller. 

If you’ve got a seed and you’re not sure what strain it’s from, this is for you. Below we’ll give you our suggestions on how you can find out what strain your seeds are, as well as our recommendations on the type of strain you should get for your individual needs. 

Why Does the Strain of Your Seed Matter? 

The strain your seed comes from matters because it will largely determine the effects of the plant you’ll grow. Some strains will be better than others depending on what you want to use them for. 

If we tried to list every strain in existence this article would never end. For simplicity sake we will just review the three basic types of strains, so you know which ones will be right for you. 

  • Sativas: Sativas are known for giving users a strong head high because they have a higher concentration of THC. They are generally recommended to people looking to boost creativity and motivation. Recreationally, they are more the type you use before going out and doing something. Many people like to use them before workouts. 
  • Indicas: Indias are the type of strain people use when they are experiencing pain, having difficulty sleeping or just in need of some relaxation. They have a higher concentration of CBD than sativas and thus are known more for their effect on the body than the mind. 
  • Hybrids: Hybrids are somewhere in between sativas and indicas. They tend to be fore people who want the head high of sativas without getting paranoid, and the body high of indicas without getting couched and falling asleep. They still tend to lean in one direction more than others. 

Keep in mind, these are just the type of strain. Identifying the individual strain you have can be far more difficult. Fortunately there are online guides, like that of leafly, which help you narrow your search. Even if you can’t find the individual strain however, the strain type should still give you a good idea of what to expect. 

Are Sativa Seeds Smaller Than Indica Seeds?

There is a persistent idea floating around that sativa seeds are smaller than indica ones. Is there any reality to this or is it just a myth?

Sativa seeds are not smaller than indica seeds. They can both range within the same margins of size. Some may be smaller than others, but it’s not because of the type of strain they are. 

Is There Any Way to Tell Strain Type With Seeds

So we know that different types of strain have seeds that look interchangeable. Is there any way then, aside from a visual inspection, to tell what kind of strain you have from the seeds? 

Really the only way to tell, is to germinate your seeds and see what kind of plant grows out of them. Once you can see the plant itself and the types of buds it produces, you can really get an idea of what you’ve got on your hands. 

How to Tell the Difference Between Sativas and Indicas

If you’ve seen the buds your seeds came from, you may not be able to identify the exact strain but you should be able to get an idea of whether it leans sativa or indica. If you haven’t on the other hand, you may just want to grow your plant and see which type comes out of it. There are some easy to spot differences between the two types that you can watch out for. 

The following signs indicate whether or not the strain you’re looking at is a sativa or an indica:

  • Size and shape: Indicas tend to produce shorter, fatter buds. Even their leaves tend to be thicker and wider. With sativas on the other hand, you can expect tall thin plants with smaller leaves.
  • The speed at which they grow: If you plant your seeds and the actual plant grows slowly (assuming you did everything right maintaining it), it’s more likely to be a sativa. Sativas grow at a slower rate than indicas.  
  • The amount of buds: Indicas tend to produce far more buds than sativas. If you plant the seeds you have and they produce plants with an inordinate amount of buds, chances are you have an indica or a hybrid that leans towards indica.  

Keep in mind that how you grow your plant will affect the way it looks. For example, if you don’t grow it in the right environment it may not grow large even if it is an indica. If you want to make identifying it easy on yourself, and have a higher quality product at the same time, you will invest in solide equipment.  

So Really, Can You Tell Strain By Seed?

Sadly, you cannot tell the strain, or even the strain type, you have with the seed alone. You need to either look at the buds it came from or just go ahead and grow the plant to see what happens. Once the plant has grown you can pretty easily tell whether it is a sativa, indica or hybrid. The specific strain can be found by using a guide like that presented by Leafly. 

If your plant is wide, with lots of buds and thick leaves, it’s most likely an indica strain. Meaning it will give you a stronger body high and be better to use at night time before going to sleep. If it’s thin and tall with fewer buds, it’s likely a sativa strain. These are great for the daytime as they boost creativity and provide the user with more energy.  

If you’ve got a seed and you’re not sure what strain it’s from, this is for you. Inside, we’ll give you our suggestions on how you can find out what strain your seeds are, as well as our recommendations on the type of strain you should get for your individual needs. 

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