How Long Can A Marijuana Plant Go Without Water?

If you are new to the marijuana industry, you will quickly find that there is much to learn about the plants. Caring for your marijuana plants is important to grow a plant that flourishes. One of the most important aspects involves watering your plant. So, how long can a marijuana plant go without water?

Most marijuana plants need water every three to four days – at the very least. Depending on the type and size of the marijuana plant, how often you need to water it varies. If you fail to water it often enough, your plant will not grow successfully.

Continue reading to learn more about how long a marijuana plant can go without water. You will also find information regarding basic plant care as well as tips discussing the dangers of watering a marijuana plant too often. 

How Long Can A Marijuana Plant Go Without Water?

Like many other plants, marijuana plants grow rather independently outdoors in mild climates. As long as they get enough water from the soil beneath them and the rain that falls, marijuana plants can survive with little to no manual watering. Of course, they will still require regular monitoring and upkeep, but they are quite self-sufficient with outdoor water supply.

Growing marijuana plants inside is a different story. In an individual flower pot with only enough soil to support one plant, marijuana plants will not have access to excess water underneath the earth’s surface. You will need to ensure that you supply the plant with enough water to keep it growing at a sufficient and fruitful rate.

A marijuana plant can grow healthily for up to two days without water, but what determines this ability consists of several factors:

  • Age of the plant
  • Size of both the plant and flower pot
  • Humidity in the air
  • Soil concentration

To grow a marijuana plant, you must take note of these and other factors.

How Much Water Does A Marijuana Plant Need Each Day?

As mentioned, the amount and regularity at which you should water a marijuana plant vary on several factors. To start, the age of the plant causes differences. You do not want to drown seedlings, so you must be careful in ensuring that the soil is moist without flooding your plant. As it grows, it will require more often watering because marijuana plants take in water quickly.

The soil around a marijuana plant must remain moist to promote better growth. The plant takes in water through its stems, but, as you might know, marijuana plants have many leaves. Water evaporates from the leaves quickly, so stores must be replenished when needed. 

As a marijuana plant nears the end of its growing cycle, it may require less water. As you will read later, over-watering a marijuana plant is just as detrimental as not providing it with enough water.

Whether you are growing your marijuana plant inside or outside, the humidity in the air plays a large role in the amount of water a marijuana plant needs. Dense air helps keep a marijuana plant more hydrated, so watering your plant too often when it is unnecessary can hurt it.

How Much Water Does A Small Marijuana Plant Need?

Marijuana plants still in the growing process require regular watering. At the very least, this should involve watering every three to four days – that is, only if you provide the soil with enough water to use for that period.

It is better to water your marijuana plants in smaller amounts at more frequent intervals than it is to douse them and leave them to sit for days. While they may still grow after the latter method, they remain healthier with consistent, even watering. 

As long as the soil is moist, your marijuana plant should be in good condition regarding the amount of water it needs. Make sure to monitor your marijuana plant throughout the day. If you give it small amounts of water at regular intervals, you may be watering your marijuana plant two to three times per day.

How Long Can Seedlings Survive Without Water?

As mentioned, marijuana seedlings do not need as much water as growing plants. However, they still require fertile soil to begin the growing process. Marijuana seedlings should be okay without water for up to two days, but anything longer than that can ruin their potential.

As with other topics discussed above, the marijuana strain that you are growing may have different attributes than require more or less manual input during the growing process. It is important to research the strain you are working with to ensure that you can care for it accordingly.

Why Does My Marijuana Plant Wilt?

If you do not water your marijuana plant enough, you may notice that it begins to wilt. Your marijuana plant can become dehydrated, dry out, and lose its progress without proper nutrients.

On the other hand, you can also damage your marijuana plant by watering it too often or in larger amounts than required. If you give your marijuana plant too much water, you can flood its system and similarly kill the plant as described above. If your marijuana plant is wilted, you should take note of your watering schedule to determine if you might be watering the plant too often or too little.


A marijuana plant in peak conditions can grow comfortably without water for up to four days. Anything longer than a week is detrimental to the marijuana plant, though, you also want to make sure you do not water the plant too much. Both overwatering and underwatering can hurt the growth process of your marijuana plant.


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