How Many Cannabis Plants In A 3×3 Grow Tent? Let’s find out!

Cannabis is slowly being legalized everywhere in the world that helps its cultivators and recreational users a huge advantage. If you are also one of the many people wondering about growing your own cannabis supply, you have come to the right place.

Grow tents are the best solution for indoor cannabis grows, allowing your plants to grow irrespective of the outside climate. 

But, grow tents come in specific sizes, and their application is limited accordingly. If you have chosen a 3×3 grow tent, here’s how much cannabis you can grow in it.

A simple 3×3 cannabis grow tent can cultivate nearly 4 medium to large-sized plants without any hassle. These plants are fully grown within the period of 3 months. As each plant requires around 2 square feet area, a 3×3 grow tent is perfect for getting a decent yield throughout the year. Although, the results might differ depending upon the type of cannabis plant you are growing and the technique you are using to grow it.

Grow tents can surely provide you with a perfect solution to start planting and growing cannabis right in your home. But with the right tips and techniques, you will be able to maximize your yield and grow a healthy batch in the same grow tent. Thus, you should continue to know more about the cannabis plantation and its techniques.

How To Grow More Cannabis In The Same 3×3 Tent?

Cannabis is also a plant like any other plant you might already have in your backyard. But, it is not as easy to grow a cannabis plant as it sounds as you have to take special care of these plants.

 Considering the recreational use of cannabis, you need to take utmost care of your plant so that you don’t end up harming yourself in the future. Once you utilize the following techniques, you can rest assured about the growth of your plants. Although, keep in mind that you might have to grow a couple of batches before you get perfect in the field.

1. Importance of Perfect Lighting

As you will put the grow tent indoors, you effectively cut out the natural light source, which is the most important aspect for plants. Thus, you will have to balance that by providing a tremendous amount of lighting in the tent. It is important to provide sufficient lighting per square feet area of the tent, which can be achieved with a roughly 33 watts light for every square foot.

So, for a 3×3 grow tent, you are looking at an effective coverage area of about 9 square feet. With a 33 watts requirement for each square foot, you will need approximately 297 watts of lighting in your tent. 

To reduce the margin of error, we can sum up the necessary lighting requirement to about 350 watts. If you are unable to find the exact wattage, you can simply install a 400 watts lamp or a couple of 200 watts lamps for effective results.

 The lights need to be placed at a proper distance from the plants. While placing the lights, you also need to consider the vertical growth of the cannabis plants as well as the intensity of light focused over a particular area. 

For a 400 watts lamp, the effective distance should be lower than 40 cm and lower than 60 cm for a 3×3 grow tent. Ensure that the light height is adjustable, as you will have to change it as the plant grows.

 Light is basically the only source of energy for plants. But, too much light also destroys its health and damages it permanently. 

While the plant is small, you will have to maintain a cycle of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of no light for the grow tent. When the plant reaches the flowering stage, you should change the light cycle to maintain an even time for lighting and no lighting. 

For perfect results, you should invest in a customizable timer for the light to adjust manually as the plant grows.

2. Importance of Perfect Ventilation

Similar to us humans, plants also suffocate if there is not enough air around them. In the case of indoor grow tents; you might need to introduce forced ventilation by adding a couple of fans inside your tents.

 The fans pull fresh air and a lot of oxygen inside the tent, along with a humid air surrounding the plants. It is very important for the plants as it helps with their growth and nurture. 

Make sure you can adjust the intake and exhaust capacity of the fans, which will be useful when the plant grows.

 For maximum yield in your 3×3 grow tent, make sure you keep the fans turned on as long as the lights are on inside the tent. Even when the lights are not functional, you should let the fans be operational for a quarter period of every hour.

 Running the fans continuously also maintains the humidity level inside your tent. Just make sure you consider it according to different seasons and change the fan speeds accordingly.

3. Prefer Organic Products For Your Plants

It does not matter whether you are looking for fertilizers or pesticides; you will always find organic options available in the market. Organic products are mostly made without any synthetic material, which is not only better for your plants but also better for the environment as well. 

Organically grown cannabis plants deliver the best yield as well as overall better quality of flowers, seeds, and leaves. Also, organic products are considerably cheaper than synthetic options, which is an advantage for you.

4. Choose The Perfect Growing Technique

 There are multiple methods to grow a cannabis plant in a grow tent. Here, we will discuss and compare the best possible techniques that are suitable for a 3×3 tent.

Sea of Green MethodScreen of Green MethodTopping Method
In this method, you will be able to grow 1 plant per square feet area.In this method, you will be able to grow 1 plant per 4 to 6 square feet area. In this method, you will be able to grow 1 plant per 2 to 4 square feet area.
Comparatively faster-growing method with forced transitions on the plants.Focused on the horizontal growth of plants. An additional screen needs to be placed on top of the plants to block their vertical growth.A simple growing method based on the pruning of plants. Additional maintenance and care are required to cut the plants after a specific time period.
Delivers faster yield. You will be harvesting cannabis much quicker by using this technique.Growing cannabis by the green method delivers homogenous buds. Keeps all branches at an equal distance from the light source.In this technique, the important parts of the plants, such as the flowers, are grown at the top, getting the maximum light.
Quality is not as good as other methods, considering the growth is forced.Needs a lot of space for a single plant due to the horizontal growth.Additional maintenance increases the time for yield, making the overall process much slower.
Best method for 3×3 grow tent as it can fit up to 9 plants.Not recommended to be used with a 3×3 grow tent as you might not even be able to grow 2 plants in one cycle.Only 2 to 3 plants can be planted in a 3×3 grow tent if you are using this technique.

4. Choose High-Quality Tools & Accessories

As you have seen earlier, you will be needing a few additional accessories such as lights, fans, and a suitable tent to be able to successfully grow cannabis in your home. Thus, the overall growth rate and the quality of the output are also affected by the quality of this equipment.

 Naturally, premium equipment will deliver a better performance which will, in turn, affect your cannabis growth in a positive way. 

But, as we are considering compact 3×3 grow tents, you should not need to go overboard with the most premium options in the market.

 In any case, you need to make sure these electronic parts do not get damaged by moisture contact. Even a slight incident can completely ruin your batch and set you back for 3 to 4 months of progress. Not to mention the time and effort you put into the growth of the batch. Hence, it is recommended to go with reliable brands for these peripherals.

What Is The Maximum Possible Yield For A 3×3 Grow Tent?

Considering the ideal weather conditions needed for proper cannabis growth and the grower taking all the necessary precautions and also using the most optimum techniques, it is possible to gain up to a pound of cannabis from every batch in your 3×3 grow tent. 

Keep in mind that this level of growth cannot be achieved in a single cycle as you will need a lot of experience and control many parameters to be able to maximize your wield in the 3×3 grow tent.

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